Creating a pro program for TV never been easier and effective than this!

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Editor of Feature film. Heavy color correction, lighting adjustment and match cut was a must!It is always a pleasure to get a bag of tapes and you convert them into a movie! This is like giving a life to a film!Project Information:...


When a product launches you usually focus on it to seal your name with it in the Market, and this is how the Seminar and TV comes along!

It is very important to make a new product in a TV ad as "Real" as possible, therefore the...


A plan of Seminar needs to have all the media tools focused on, so does TV ads!

 In a proper ad you need to have a little bit of question mark for viewer and sizing up the real problem or the real solution! That's why the this...

Azerbijani Independence day Concert

Embassy of Azerbijan's Independence day Concert, Full video Production Online video directing a multi-camera project to cover a professional live event performances and then all post-production from editing and special effects to...

New Horizons - The First Female Mechanic

Editing documentary of the First Female Mechanic in Iran was funA classic docu is a cut that will stay Legend, as Zahra Moamar, the first Iranian Feamle Mechanic is! Watch the trailer and guess the end of story...Project Information:...

Ep. 33 - Insurance and Smoking (Part 1 of 3) - بیمه‌ برای سیگاری/غیر سیگاری

Creating a pro program for TV never been easier and effective than this!

 On every ocassion there was a program that clients couldn't be missed!

Give it a try by visiting most of the episodes in here:

Chingiz Sadigov Tribute

What a joy in face of Chingiz on that Tribute night and what a pleasure for us in full production of this Legend's celebration live event. Directing a live multi-camera production of such a professional once in life time event and...

FL Season 2 Show 3

Director of Photography (Camera) of TV Series, broadcasted for a long time!

Very Popular Frsh Life 2 TV series ran on Rogers and Sun TV in Canada several times and then on SKA in Australia and New Zealand.


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